JOURNALIST. AUTHOR. SPEAKER.

I write and speak about the power of dreams to transform women’s lives, so we may live more creatively, healthfully, and peacefully.

As an assistant press secretary to a U.S. Congressman and a political reporter in Washington, D.C. during the 1970s, I knew something was amiss in the left-brain, intellectual capital of the world and inside my own being. So I studied Transcendental Meditation and participated in the est Training, powerful technologies for educing personal and social alchemy.

After I moved to San Francisco in 1981, the first dream I remembered — ever — imparted the crucial scene for a screenplay I was writing. The dream also redirected my work toward writing about the power of dreams. Then, dreams benefited my physical well-being; guided my personal life, and dictated the script for a documentary film on healing.

During the 2000 presidential election recount, my dreams predicted the results with 100 percent accuracy. Interviews with artists, writers, and colleagues confirmed the power of dreams to report and decode news events. Dreams, including a September, 2001 vision of a sludge-filled glass tumbler, instigated pioneering reporting about 9/11. Crossing the plains of Iowa during a spring, 2002, train trip to Washington, D.C., I dreamt of the coupling of two freight cars, conjoining the disparate worlds of journalism and consciousness.

Then, I founded and edited several online magazine-style websites combining information, intuition, and imagination to evince positive social change. My profiles of women, whose dreams have guided their work and life direction, include artists Marsha Connell, Nancy Sykes-Cockerham, and Claudia Chapline; peace activist Cindy Sheehan, and health aficionado Caroline MacDougall.

Drawing on degrees in education and journalism, I speak to women’s organizations, writers, health, and religious groups, and professional societies on the power of dreams to bring about personal and social change. (Click on the Linked In icon below for my resume.)

I authored PLUM DREAMS DIARY: On Mothers, Men, Modern Medicine, and the Divine, a collection of nocturnal messages exploring the contemporary female psyche. My book, DREAMS AND THE WISDOM WITHIN  (published June, 2018) explores the healing power of dreams.

Joyce Lynn

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A journalist must travel through a story by examining all the connections and interconnections between events and characters in order to arrive at ‘Truth.’ Joyce Lynn, well aware of journalism’s traditions and heritage, takes this approach one level deeper. She states that for a journalist, a writer, or indeed, any individual to know truth, one must examine all the events and characters in the ‘seen’ world against the backdrop of one’s ‘unseen,’ i.e. dream world. And, only when all these connections are made can one realize ‘Truth.'”  — Carol S., Journalist, Northern California