Dreams provide a road map for our life journey. Sharing your dreams with others enhances dream guidance for positive change including well-being, relationships, work, and social activism.

Here are suggested guidelines for your Dream On! group:

Goal: Clarify the purpose of your group. Is it a salon to explore questions about dreams? Is it a place to share dreams and support follow-up of dream guidance? Is it a community to call upon dream guidance to bring about healing or social change? 

Content: We like Plum Dreams’ R.U.L.E. procedure outlined elsewhere in Resources to explore your dreams.

Remember, dreams are distinctive to the dreamer and best interpreted and understood by the dreamer. To respond to another person’s dream, ask questions prompting the dreamer to dig more deeply for the import of the dream. You might also say “If it were my dream” and offer your discernments accordingly.

Format: Dream On! groups work well with up to ten people. Trust and familiarity are fostered if the same people attend. 

Decide how frequently and when to meet—weekly on Tuesdays or monthly on the second Thursday, for example. Be consistent. 

Gather in a quiet café or private space or rotate and minimize hosting responsibilities. 

Etiquette: Be respectful. Learn by listening to and exploring the dreams of others. The deeper the discussion and your involvement with their dreams, the richer the exploration and observation of your dreams will be.

Partner: You may want to pair with someone in the group, a partner you contact between meet-ups, to help decipher a dream or support you in expressing the message of your dreams. Decide how many dreams in what time frame to explore together. 

Ensure Dream On! groups are safe spaces. Agree on confidentiality; respect others’ privacy.

excerpted from Dreams and the Wisdom Within c Joyce Lynn