Joyce Lynn is a journalist, author, and speaker on dreams and spirituality. She focuses on the power of dreams to empower women’s lives.

Dreams have guided all aspects of Joyce’s life, especially her writing, health, and advocacy for positive social change. Joyce is known for her focus on dreams as a spiritual practice and an instrument for healing our selves and our world.

She is dedicated to transforming women’s lives and revolutionizing society by listening to our the wisdom within our dreams. Joyce’s books explore the power of dreams to reveal, guide,  heal, and transform.

Readers  learn the ways dreams empower well-being, self-expression, relationships, and activism .

Joyce is the author of three books on the power of dreams:

PLUM DREAMS DIARY: On Mothers, Men, Modern Medicine, and the Divine is a collection of dream accounts exploring the female psyche.

DREAMS AND THE WISDOM WITHIN explores the healing power of dreams. 

TRUTH; Dreams Reveal Rising Tide of Fascism in America (working title) (publication, Spring 2023) births a new journalistic ethos, one favoring the truth-telling over of dreams. In these turbulent time, we must wake to the reality of our dreams or drown in neck deep waters.

Drawing on the information, ideas, and insights in Joyce’s books and classes, journalists, artists, writers, activists, spiritual seekers, and people of good find and express and amplify their voices to achieve their own goals and missions in life.

The books are available from and JoyceLynn,com