Dreams Predict 2000 Presidential Election

PD #1 – FROM VICTORY TO ASHES: Dreams Depict the 2000 Election Joyce Lynn, Editor

Jan 03, 2002 18:51 PST  (originally posted)

Joyce Lynn, Editor


This was  the Inaugural issue of Politics and Dreams (renamed POLITICAL DIARY), an Ezine about how dreams can inform the news and help citizens make informed
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK:

The 2000 presidential election was so enmeshed in the American
psyche that we dreamt about it.

In my immediate circle, a friend dreamt she kissed President Clinton after she attended a White House dinner. A colleague dreamt Al Gore was president and she, the First Lady wearing an elegant red dress, danced with him.

My own experience demonstrates this election-dream synergy. Between
November 1 and the post-election denouncement December 12, I
remembered a dozen election-related dreams. As a former political
reporter and current news junkie, however, in my dreams I focused on
electoral process rather than personal passion. The dreams foretold the
Gore-Lieberman win—and loss, the role of Katherine Harris, the Supreme
Court decision, and the back-to-the- future election result.

The dreams bested the predictions of the best TV pundits. They
Foretold with 100 percent accuracy the outcome of events.
In the wake of widespread disappointment over both the election
process and media coverage, this ezine was born. Its aim is to
show the value of dreams in revealing the truth, reporting the news,
and informing the electorate.

This issue’s feature, FROM VICTORY TO ASHES: Dreams Predict and
Depict the Presidential Election, imparts this triad of goals. It
reports the dreams, my interpretations, and the events they foretold. It
offers a new take on the roller coaster, post-election brouhaha and
introduces a special brand of punditry.

Next month’s issue will cover the Florida vote. If you recall dreams
about the debacle, email your dreams, interpretation, and thoughts
to me at politic-@hotmail.com.

Dream on,
Joyce Lynn
Politics and Dreams

FROM VICTORY TO ASHES: Dreams Predict and Depict the Presidential

“The first call in Florida may have been right,” CNN host Larry King
told Dan Rather, CBS anchor, on Larry King Live January 10, 2001. He
was referring to the networks’ call based on exit polls which gave
Florida’s electoral votes to Vice President Al Gore. My dreams imparted
the same message. Here’s what one “behind-the-scenes” election reporting

My dream, my interpretation upon waking, and the subsequent
relevant event(s) follow. The dream occurred in the morning of the
listed date unless noted.

Wednesday, November 1
DREAM: Two blue flames dance in the center of a fireplace.

INTERPRETATION: I wake up thinking about the election, so I assume
this dream relates to the upcoming vote. Buying into conventional
wisdom and polls that George W. Bush was ahead, I think the dream
means Gore will win only two mid-west states. (Blue designated Gore
on electoral maps; red, Bush.) By election eve, when the polls
predicted a dead heat, I reevaluated the dream: those two blue
flames represented Gore and Joseph Lieberman, election winners.

EVENT: Early on election eve, when two blue flames burned in my
fireplace, so did network projections and the prospects for a
Democratic presidential victory.

Saturday, November 11
DREAM: A binder resembling my wallet fills a black book bag. Then,
a black and white police car at the intersection of Funston and
California Streets heads down California Street.

INTERPRETATION: The binder relates to certifying(binding) the vote.
Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris will put the election in
The bag for Bush. The police car signals a legal process at the

EVENT: Certification action: see Event, November 13); Legal action:
Bush seeks an injunction in Federal court to stop Florida hand
counts, the first post-election legal salvo.

Monday, November 13
DREAM: The fireplace with two blue flames now contains only ashes.

INTERPRETATION: My journal entry: “That’s it for Gore.” Bush will
initiate a scorched earth policy to oppose recounts.

EVENT: Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris mandates 5 PM
Tuesday as the deadline to certify the election, denying extension
requests of several counties conducting manual recounts and
triggering court battles. Bush allies talk of “going nuclear” to
secure the election.

Monday, November 13 (night)
DREAM: A floppy disk in a computer hard drive. The part of the label
that folds over is red and white.

INTERPRETATION: The label looks peppermint—pepper/bitter,
mint/sweet. It reminds me of an emergency disk.

EVENT: Tuesday, November 14
State Judge Terry Lewis rules the Harris deadline is permissible but
She cannot arbitrarily discard votes that come in after deadline. A
Federal court denies Bush’s motion for an injunction to stop manual
recount. These actions eventually prove bittersweet for Gore.

Wednesday, November 15:
Harris denies recount extension requests claiming only a natural
emergency like a hurricane or machine failure can extend the

Friday, November 17 (deadline for overseas absentee ballots)
DREAM: In an operating room, something is elongated, drawn out. A
blur (the kind TV newscasts use to disguise a rape victim or a
youthful offender) on the elongation disappears.

INTERPRETATION: Something will extend the post-election.

EVENT: The Florida State Supreme Court enjoins Harris from
certifying the vote. Later, the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals
refuses to stop the hand count. At this point, Bush leads by 927
votes with 66 of 67 counties reporting.

Tuesday, November 21
The Florida State Supreme Court 7-0 orders
a recount and extends the certification deadline to November 26.

Wednesday, November 22
DREAM: On the lower right side of my dream screen, Bush kisses Dick
Cheney—on the lips! On the upper left side, Warren Christopher,
Gore’s chief political negotiator, bows toward the right.

INTERPRETATION: Journal entry: “So Bush and Cheney are gay, eh?
No, Bush’s attitude is gay, joyful. This dream signals Bush-Cheney
Will win the election. Congressional Democrats want Gore to bow out
after Florida Supreme Court rules.”

EVENT: Miami-Dade, a potential gold mine for Gore votes, suspends

Thursday, November 23
DREAM: A stop sign stands a fourth to a half of the way into the
parking lot next to Camino Alto.

INTERPRETATION: Camino Alto means High Road. The U.S. Supreme
Court will hear Bush case that the recount is unconstitutional.

EVENT: Friday, November 24 — The U.S. Supreme Court, contrary to
nearly every legal and political commentator, agrees to hear the
Bush campaign’s appeal that recounts violate the federal law governing
selection of presidential electors. The Court will consider two of
the four (one-half) issues Bush raised.

Friday, November 24 (the day after Thanksgiving)
DREAM: A few slices of cranberry sauce.

INTERPRETATION: Cranberries as holiday food could signify a
positive change for Gore or their deep maroon-like color could mean
Gore is marooned, up a creek without a paddle.

EVENT: November 25 San Francisco Chronicle headline, “Analysis:
Supreme Court may be all Bush needs.” The Press Democrat(Santa
Rosa, California), “Decision to hear case bad news for Demos.”

Sunday, November 26
DREAM: A modem with four red lights on top of a PC.

INTERPRETATION: Four Supreme Court justices will rule for Gore to
stop (red lights) Harris certification without recounts. That means
five will vote in favor of the Bush position. I think PC means
politically correct but wonder what PC references.(See December 1
for illumination.)

EVENT: Harris certifies election results declaring Bush the winner
Of Florida’s 25 electors by 537 votes. Contest phase begins. December 1
— During U.S. Supreme Court oral arguments, Gore attorney Laurence
Tribe says of Bush’s position, “The view in popular culture (PC) is
that you cannot change the election rules after the game has
started.” Ultimately, the Supreme Court agrees 5-4 (the four red lights)
with Bush.

Wednesday, November 29
DREAM: A black box like that on my printer cable sits the on floor
near an electrical outlet.

INTERPRETATION: A black box tells what went wrong in an airliner
disaster. This black box spells disaster for Gore.

EVENT: December 4—Two major events: 1) The U.S. Supreme Court
remands to the Florida State Supreme Court its November 21
decision to extend the deadline for manual recount totals and asks
the grounds (evidence/the black box) for its November 21 decision;
2) Leon County Judge N. Sanders Sauls declines to order a recount.
He said Gore did not present evidence (again the black box) that new
manual recounts would win him the election.

December 11
DREAM: A deer with antlers (a buck) stands on a hill and then
disappears into a valley.

INTERPRETATION: The buck reminds me of Gore. This dream evokes
the Saturday Night Live skit replayed continuously on MSNBC during
post-election coverage in which George W. and his father deer hunt.
Despite the protests of George H.W., George W. shoots the deer.
(“The slaughter; Bush wins the election, yet Gore survives. Will he

EVENT: see December 12

Tuesday, December 12 (the federally-mandated deadline for
selection of presidential electors)

DREAM: A black film blankets my Hotmail home page. Three or four
hobos head north along railroad tracks. Then, it is night, and
lights illuminate a city on a hill. The city looks like San Francisco,
but it is behind, in the past.

INTERPRETATION: 1) Appeals Court will reject the cases of
Democratic voters in two counties who claim Republicans tainted
mail-in ballots. The court action denies Gore a potential 15,000
votes and electoral victory; 2) Bush will prevail with the U.S. Supreme
Court and win the election. Under his economic policies, like those of
the Reagan-Bush years, people (hobos) will be homeless and
disenfranchised. The Democratic general chair said on Hardball with
Chris Matthews about the Supreme Court decision, “For folks with a
hard life, this is one more insult.“ 3) The city evokes a 20-year
old image—Ronald Reagan’s shining city on the hill, symbolic of a Bush
victory and a 21st century Reagan-like administration.

EVENT: The U.S. Supreme Court rules 5-4 that manual recounts
violate the federal equal protection law effectively giving the
Florida vote and the election to George W. Bush.

c 2001 Joyce Lynn

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