Photo bombed by the penguin at Words Installation at 21c Hotel Museum in Louisville
Photo bombed by the penguin at Words Installation, 21c Hotel Museum .

Joyce infuses her books and articles and public presentations with information about the power of dreams to empower women’s lives.

Learn to call on the wisdom of your dreams in your daily life, work, activism, and spiritual practice.





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JOYCE LYNN is a journalist and author focusing on the power of dreams to empower women’s lives. She shares compelling stories of dream guidance transforming the lives of women from successful businesswomen to political activists so you can learn from their stories.

Her mission: to demystify our nightly messages so dreams become a daily practice for personal and planetary well-being.

Joyce is the author of Plum Dreams Diary: On Mothers, Men, Modern Medicine, and the Divine, a collection of dreams exploring the female psyche, and Dreams and the Wisdom Within, a spiritual journey of healing. Her latest book Truth: Dreams Reveal Rising Tide of Fascism Engulfing America will be published in 2024.

She is editor and publisher of the communications company Plum Dreams Media LLC, which  publishes books and produces presentations and classes on the guiding, healing, and transforming powers of dreams in our daily lives.