Women’s Shabbaton Retreat

1-womenshabbaton2010The Temple, Louisville, Kentucky  

May 2010, Guest Speaker

“Thank you for reminding us dreams tell us the truth.”

“Why have I’ve never figured this (losing my purse) out until now, I’ve had this reoccurring dream for decades…”

“Thank you for creating a space, where people could talk about their dreams…”

“I want you to know you helped me. As a teacher, I know it’s important to know you helped someone.”

The theme of the Women’s Shabbaton
was “Sacred Dreams: Explore the Jewish Practice of Dream Interpretation.”

The women introduced themselves by saying, “My name is __________. For me, dreams are….”

A beautiful prayer created by one of the congregants incorporated the openings. The prayer concluded: “You are the night time place to wake up and listen to ourselves…the night time place to wake up and listen to You. Blessed are You, Our Beloved, our God, Guardian of our nights and Weaver of our dreams.”