Wise Woman Interview 2 – Healing the Mother-Daughter Relationship

My second interview with Wise Woman Storytime host Roberta Teller, “Healing the Mother-Daughter Relationship Through Dreams” explores how the thoughts we plagiarize from family and society affect our well-being and how we can heal our selves and our relationships by waking up to our nighttime messages.

Telling my story live on the radio to Roberta and her KOWS FM, 92.5FM audience in 2019 brought an unexpected release of residual anger, resentment, and hurt still lurking in the corners of my mind. It was a disbursement of emotion different than I experienced writing about the relationship in Dreams and the Wisdom Within.

My proverbial advice is to share your dreams aloud with someone else because the retelling reveals meaning. Now I will add verbally telling you dream can enable healing.

Read the full story in Dreams and the Wisdom Within. Dream narratives exploring the female psyche found in Plum Dreams Diary. Both available from JoyceLynn.com and Amazon.