Dreams impart the essentials for life’s journey. Ancients called upon dreams for healing and well-being 3,000 years ago in the Greek cults of Demeter, Aphrodite, and Asclepius in temples to the gods.

We are only beginning in these contemporary times to understand and reclaim the power of dreams to empower our lives as women.

Joyce’s goal: demystify dreams and offer a contemporary approach to dreams and their essential role in our daily lives for positive health, self expression, relationships, social change., and spiritual growth.

Joyce covered national politics in Washington, D.C for a decade. After she moved to San Francisco, she remembered her first dream, which imparted the ending for a screenplay she was writing. Then, she personally learned about the power of dreams to guide and heal. For 30 years, she has written and taught how to call on the power of dreams in our work and our lives.

She is the author of PLUM DREAMS DIARY: On Mothers, Men, Modern Medicine, and the Divine, a collection of nocturnal messages exploring the contemporary female psyche.  DREAMS AND THE WISDOM WITHIN  (published June, 2018), is part scientific manual, part memoir, part spiritual guide. TRUTH: Dreams Reveal Rising Tide of Fascism Engulfing America 2000-Present will be published in 2023.

Drawing on degrees in education and journalism, she engages with women’s organizations, religious groups, and professional societies to inform how the power of dreams evinces positive personal and social change. Through  books, online publications,  presentations, and classes, she teaches how to remember, understand, listen to, and express your dreams.

As the editor and publisher of PLUM DREAMS MEDIA, a communications company, she is dedicated to transforming women’s lives and revolutionizing society by reporting and exposing deeper  truths than traditional media or the five senses reveal. Through print, digital, and spoken word, PDM explores the power of dreams to reveal, guide, and heal and to expand awareness and consciousness.

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Joyce  profiles women whose dreams have inspired their activism, art, work, and life from an historical perspective and women she has interviewed including Nazi resistance fighter Sophie Scholl; peace activist Cindy Sheehan;  9/11 widow Ellen Mariani; artists Claudia Chapline, Marsha Connell, and Nancy Sykes-Cockerham, and Teeccino CEO and healthy beverage aficionado Caroline MacDougall.


An army of dreamers and their dream accounts of 9/11 and other political events wake us to reality; their responses to the profound power of remembering, understanding, listening to, and expressing our dreams bring about social change. DREAM VERITAS! From Tragedy to Transformation profiles ten powerful women activists and artists evoking dreams to guide, reveal, and heal personal trauma and create personal activism.

The women include 9/11 widow Ellen Mariani, graphic designer Sandra Taylor, 9/11 justice advocate Lynn Pentz, anti-war painter and poet Claudia Chapline, peace activist Cindy Sheehan, Iraqi American artist Vian Sora, and collage artist Marsha Connell.Other dreamers reveal political truths, upending government and corporate media propaganda. Their stories show once our inner wisdom is tapped denial is impossible and directed action manifests.


We can each use our Inner Wisdom, our intuition, our dreams, to find the act, deed, project, or message that will make us a powerful force for social change.

For centuries, dreams have guided nations toward their destinies. Dream rituals dominated ancient Greek culture where temples were places to incubate dreams. The intuitive dream work of the Senoi tribe in Malaysia helped create their peaceful existence.

In this educational workshop, you will learn: how other women have called on dreams for social change, how to understand dreams through a simple classification system, and how to use dreams to formulate and implement your own action plan.

Bring recurring or recent dream/s and your journal, and learn to use your dreams to make a positive difference in the world. 


Dream allusions fill our prayer books, the Torah, Talmud, and Kabbalah. As the stories of Jacob, Daniel, Solomon, and others show, dreams are a path to the wisdom within. But dream power is not only for kings and prophets or for men alone, dreaming is a gift we all possess. Prayer and meditation are rediscovered paths in modern Jewish spirituality.

As co-founder of the Jewish Association of Spirituality and Dreams (, Joyce embraces dream awareness as a fundamental pillar of Jewish spirituality and a spiritual practice for all.

What if the Jewish community shared dreams with each other? What insights might flow from calling upon nocturnal messages? How might we, individually and communally, use our dreams for healing?

JASD programs support spiritual seekers in expressing dream wisdom in their creative, personal, and professional lives and in their social activism. Exploring biblical dream narratives teaches seekers how to integrate dream messages into life’s journey.

For synagogues, campus Hillels, Jewish Centers, and Jewish women’s gatherings to integrate dreams as a pillar of Jewish spirituality into services and programs.

Joyce’s parents and grandparents were active in the Jewish community in Columbus, Ohio, where she grew up. The Hillel at Ohio State University was dedicated to her grandfather because of his passion for the role of Judaism in student life. She learned from their examples the essence of being Jewish is tikkun olam, repairing the world. Calling upon dream guidance is a powerful way to manifest the spiritual imperative.

The New Way of Writing: Let Dreams Be Your Guru  
Bring forth your special talents and gifts, express your authentic voice, and create the books, songs, poems, and screenplays you are longing to write.
Just as writing pages was the foundation of Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way, expressing dreams, our nighttime messages, is the heart of The New Way of Writing.
Dreams are an incredibly effective tool for achieving your writing goals. They allow you to look within yourself rather than to outside “authorities” for inspiration and creativity.Your dreams solve problems in your writing and your career.
Dreams guide the direction, content, and business of your writing and your work.
Dreams literally lead to visionary creations:-Paul McCartney credits the creation of two Beatles’ megahits – Yesterday and Let It Be – to dreams;Frankenstein, the classic novel by English author Mary Shelley, was inspired by a dream (more like a nightmare); August Kekule, nineteenth century German chemist, made two major scientific discoveries–the origin of the Structural Theory and the unusual circular configuration of the Benzene molecule– because of his dreams.
The New Way of Writing  addresses how your  nighttime messages can mitigate challenges to self-expression, guide the content of your project, and manifest your vision
Benefits of the New Way of Writing You  become more confident in self expression and business acumen; re/discover journaling and dreaming as everyday practices; invoke the guiding, healing, and truth-telling attributes of dreams for personal and planetary change.
In the practical New Way of Writing,  learn tips to remember and understand your dreams, jumpstart an languishing work or create a new original one with the guidance of your dreams.. Create an action agenda, shaped by your passions, talents, and goals, to manifest your vision.
“Joyce, my goal for your class was the outline for one chapter; instead, I received guidance for the entire book.” —Carol D., California