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by Vian Sora www.viansora.com

Dreams are an incredibly effective tool for achieving your life goals. They allow us to look within rather than to outside “authorities” for guidance and answers. The experience of hundreds of women I have interviewed and taught and my own story show the power of dreams to transform our lives.

May the stories told here and on the following pages open possibilities for expanding your potential, vistas, and visions:

An artist dreamt she and other women artists were called to bear witness against the first Gulf War. She had thought artists were helpless to elicit social change. The dream led her to create a series of visual communications about war and peace and helped her make sense of a troubled world for herself and others.

An aspiring filmmaker dreamt a dog was chasing her. She thought the dream represented Society’s attitude toward her sexuality. Then she realized the animal symbolized her own fears of her homosexuality being found out and she realized she possessed the ability to confront her fears. Within three months, she edited rough film footage gestating on the shelf for months and arranged two sold-out screenings of her film.

Two personal examples:

I was planning a talking heads television program of health experts when a Voice in a dream said, “You’re doing this all wrong,” and dictated a revised script in symbolic form.

A dream told me to check every “Sequoia” in the phone book. This tip led me to a director with vast television experience for the demo tape.

Read on and dream on!