100,000 words only/$199 

               with journalist & author Joyce Lynn      

Authors know a professional read and review of their book manuscripts saves time, money, and energy.

Now is the time to finish the book you secreted for years in a desk drawer or computer folder. Let’s ensure your story sees the light of day and lights the way for others.

“Joyce Lynn offered me talented, non-judgmental, creative, and constructive criticism of a manuscript I had written for a contest ten years ago. Her positive and gentle support imparted the sense I had the makings of a powerful memoir.  Her fresh eyes saw value in my storytelling.”— Sondra S.

“Joyce was just what I needed at a critical time in writing my book. I needed her feedback to help me make it a better book, one I could be proud of.”— MaxineS.

“Quality Manuscript Review is being offered by a journalist & author friend of mine, Joyce Lynn. If you are looking for a talented, experienced manuscript reader with non-judgmental, constructive critique, Joyce may be the reader for your work.” — Christine L.


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