Dreamtime: UU Women’s Weekend

UUWomensRetreat-on-dreams1Exploring Dreamtime

Featured Speaker

The Women’s Retreat. Oakland Unitarian Church  Santa Cruz Mountains, California


We can each use our Inner Wisdom, our intuition, our dreams, to find the act, deed, project, or message that will make us a powerful force for social change.

For centuries, dreams have guided nations toward their destinies. Dream rituals dominated ancient Greek culture where temples were places to incubate dreams. The intuitive dream work of the Senoi tribe in Malaysia helped create their peaceful existence.

In this educational workshop, you will learn: • How other women have used dreams for social change. • How to understand dreams through a simple classification system. • How to use dreams to formulate and implement your own action plan.

Bring reoccurring or recent dream/s and your journal, and together we will learn to use our dreams to make a positive difference in the world. Dream On! – Joyce Lynn

About Joyce Lynn Joyce covered national politics in Washington, D.C. After she moved to San Francisco, she remembered her first dream,which imparted the ending for a screenplay she was writing. Then, she personally learned about the power of dreams to guide and heal. For 20 years, she has written and taught how to use the power of dreams in our work and our lives.

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