— Paul McCartney credits the creation of two Beatles’ megahits – Yesterday and Let It Be – to dreams.

– August Kekule, nineteenth century German chemist, made two major scientific discoveries – the origin of the Structural Theory and the unusual circular configuration of the Benzene molecule – because of his dreams. ”

— Frankenstein, the classic novel by English author Mary Shelley – was inspired by
a dream (more like a nightmare.)

” I’ve been dreaming up a storm. Last night Katharine Hepburn visited.” — Bonnie F., Journalist, San Francisco Bay Area

— An aspiring documentary filmmaker dreamt a dog was chasing her. She thought the

— A personal example, I was planning a talking heads television program of health
experts when a voice in a dream said, “You’re doing this all wrong” and dictated a
revised script in symbolic form.

I am privileged to share my 30 years of calling on dreams in all aspects of my life
and of reporting about and teaching other women whose dreams have directed their
path to empower your journey. As an undergraduate education major, I learned long
ago teaching is bringing forth what is within the student. As a journalism school
graduate, I discovered truth is what connects with the reader and the foundation of
making a difference in your work and life.

Joyce Lynn knows first-hand the power of dreams to impact our writing
and work and life. While writing a screenplay, she grew increasingly puzzled over a
pivotal scene. Then a dream provided the answer. A writer with chronic writer’s
block, she dreamt of an etching hanging on her apartment wall. In the black and
white drawing, five women were entwined by their work and play.

The next morning, she wrote the crucial scene. Several scenes later, at the altar,
the heroine Jennifer, who midway through the movie had decided to give up her
flourishing career as a television news reporter to marry Mr. Wrong, stuns her
friends when she announces she is calling off her marriage. She promises to return
to news reporting with a renewed social conscience and to find strength in herself.

Fortunately for Jennifer, her creator had a nocturnal message saving the heroine of
the movie Real Dreams from a terrible mistake. For the writer, at the time
disillusioned with her own journalistic career, the dream launched her writing and
reporting in a new direction.


“A journalist must travel through a story byexamining all the connections and interconnections between events and characters in order to arrive at ‘Truth.’ Joyce Lynn, well aware of journalism’s traditions and
heritage, takes this approach one level deeper. She states that for a journalist, a writer, or indeed, any individual to know truth, one must examine all the events and
characters in the ‘seen’ world against the backdrop of one’s ‘unseen,’ i.e. dream
world. And, only when all these connections are made can one realize ‘Truth.'” –
Carol S., Journalist, Northern California



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