An amaryllis adorns her desk. The beautiful, open flower is pink. Shocking pink. Vibrant pink… I want the pink flowers for  myself.

“Pink, the feminine color. Pink, the restitution of the neglected, damaged portion. Pink, the flowering of the female self, the soft side, the intuitive side,

“The dream was a remedy encapsulated in an image rather than in a pill.” — Dreams and the Wisdom Within


Part memoir, part scientific manual, part spiritual guide, Dreams and the Wisdom Within weaves a compelling narrative of the healing and transformative power of dreams.

Drawing on decades as a journalist and personal experience with dreams, Joyce Lynn outlines a three-step healing blueprint and envisions a future of health care with dreams at the core.




Dreams and the Wisdom Within empowers women, those most often disenfranchised by traditional medicine, custom, and mores.

“Your book surprised me. It was not what I expected. I thought it would be all about dreams. It is, but it is so much more. {You describe} nocturnal offerings, gifts from deep within our psyche, our soul. {Dreams and the Wisdom Within} is part science, part research, part memoir . . . .”  — Roberta Teller, host, Wise Woman Storytime

From primitive times through the healing temples of early Greece and the holy books of the Near East to the Age of Enlightenment when reason trumped spirituality, dreams held prominence in thriving civilizations. Historic events in the evolution of consciousness suppressed the viability of dreams, limiting their influence for generations.

Joyce revives dreams as a mandatory modality in our daily lives. She demystifies dreams and offers a contemporary approach to dreams and their essential role in our daily lives for positive health, self expression, relationships, and social change. The stories she tells extract dreams from the confines of religion, psychotherapy, and New Age customs, making dreams, studded amulets of ancient cultures, fashionable again.

                                                                                     Journalist Joyce Lynn

DREAMS AND THE WISDOM WITHIN by Joyce Lynn  ISBN 978-0-9834395-2-3    Publisher: Plum Dreams Media, June 2018 —  $24.95 Paperback
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O“Your book is on the shelf among some of my favorite female ‘self-help’ authors”–Louise A., Ohio

“I’m savoring your book as one does a delicious meal, reading it slowly. It puts me into self-examination (mode).” — Linda B., Kentucky

“I learned a lot about your suffering and healing. .Many of us had parents who filled our heads with false images of ourselves. “ —  RCC, Ohio

Dreams and the Wisdom Within is a surprising feminist story. You may not agree with all of what Joyce proposes, but she is inspiring.” — Rosalyn S., California


In Plum Dreams Diary, Joyce Lynn surmounts life’s vicissitudes on the wings of nocturnal poetry. Through words, images, and symbols, she takes the reader on a woman’s search for fulfillment in a world of confusing cultural messages. She shares insights about mothers, men, modern medicine, and the nature of the Divine. Honest and humorous, this collection of dreams reveals perceptions of the contemporary female Psyche. The dreams invite the reader to listen to her own sleeping mind.

Journalist Joyce Lynn writes and advocates about the power of dreams to transform women’s lives.

PLUM DREAMS DIARY: On Mothers, Men, Modern Medicine, and the Divine, Joyce Lynn, 978-0983-439509, Plum Dreams Media, $14

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What Others Say about Plum Dreams Diary

This collection of dreams takes us on a journey of redemption and healing.” –Doreen Stock, poet, The Politics of Splendor

These dreams are poetry in the making.”
– Arlene Bernstein, author, Growing Season, A Healing Journey into the Heart of Nature