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Host Roberta Teller’s post:

Roberta’s introduction on the live show. Be sure to listen to the archived interview on the healing power of dreams at the end of Roberta’s introduction

Each night when we sleep we enter into a realm of images, symbols, emotions and sensations – sometimes we remember them and often times we don’t…

Joyce Lynn, my guest this week on Wise Woman Storytime not only remembers her dreams, she uses them to advise, inform, guide and transform her life.

Using her skills as a journalist, researcher and author, Joyce will share her story of how she came to trust her dreams; how she came to write her latest book Dreams and the Wisdom Within; and how you too can glean your life lessons from your nocturnal offerings.

Tune in to KOWS 92.5 FM Wise Woman Storytime Thursday, October 18th from 12 – 1pm. The show is archived and available on robertatellerblog.com.