Nightly, our dreams, talismans of healing since ancient times, guide us from where we are to where we want to be. Listening to the wisdom within empowers your life–your self-expression, well-being, relationships, work, and social activism.

Dreams impart the essentials for life’s journey. Ancients called upon dreams for healing and well-being 3,000 years ago in the Greek cults of Demeter, Aphrodite, and Asclepius in temples to the gods.

We are only beginning in these contemporary times to understand and reclaim the power of dreams to empower our lives as women.

When we share our dream stories about the guiding, healing, and transforming power of dreams,  we support others in living more balanced and harmonious lives.

Become part of the Dream On! movement to realize greater self-expression, health, and well-being, and peace for everyone everywhere by listening to the wisdom within. Join together, and call on your savvy, sanguine, sexy, super-insightful, stimulating, sacred dreams for positive personal and planetary well-being.


Joyce Lynn

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