Discover the Power of Dreams
to Guide Your Life

ndhomeUSEActivating the wisdom within empowers your life — your unique self-expression and identity, well-being, relationships, work, and social activism.

Nightly, our dreams, talismans of healing since ancient times, guide us from where we are to where we want to be. Christine Lemley, executive producer of the PBS Series Dreamtime, calls dreams our GPS, our inner navigational system.

Dreams have guided all aspects of my life for ore than 30 years. As a journalist, I report on the epic dreams of artists, activists, business people, politicians, even women with cancer. I share their stories and my journey and teach about the guiding, healing, and transforming power of dreams, so, every day we may all live more fully and more peacefully.

I hope you will be part of the movement to realize health, happiness, and plenty for everyone everywhere by listening to the wisdom within.

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Dream On!